Goodbye, Apple Music

I’m switching back to Spotify, at least for streaming music. Ever since Apple Music launched, iTunes stability has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Considering the first three months were free, I was more willing to ignore these problems, but now that i’m paying for it, it’s pretty annoying.

Especially today when I started receiving this error every few minutes:


This error makes the iTunes dock icon bounce every time it happens, so it’s very intrusive. So, Apple thought it was important enough to interrupt your work, but not important enough that it can be dismissed automatically. And it appears to be happening even when I play offline tracks. Restarting iTunes does nothing. It doesn’t affect playback of my music, it’s just an annoying error.

This is on top of all of the other random errors and nonsense in the new version of iTunes and Apple Music (I have an almost daily iTunes crash, usually more per day). The iTunes app needs a dramatic overhaul; it seems to be getting more bloated each year and more confusing to use.

I originally switched away from Spotify because I liked the idea of having everything, both my offline music and streaming, in a single app. But the iTunes and Apple Music experience is so poor it’s not even worth that added convenience when the entire thing is a fluster cluck.

I guess i’ll have to get my Taylor Swift tracks somewhere else.

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